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G R O U P - Mafracht Ltd.

Oversized - bulky loads

Our company specializes in the field of oversized and bulky load delivery and project logistics. We view as oversized, any cargo that cannot fit into a normal saddle train of 2.45 meters width, 3 meters height and 13.6 meters in length, and where the consignment cannot be securely fastened. In which case, a special fitting is required. Thanks to our international contacts and experience, our operations have extended to most European countries.

Our versatility allows you to assemble the vehicles and routes that are best suited to your particular shipping tasks, which offers our customers the optimal solution from a technical and cost-effectiveness point of view, with adaptable tarpaulin covered mega/deep bed/ low loader fittings.

In addition to project forwarding solutions – which are the solution of choice for every size and weight that can be transported on the road – we are developing our own fleet to meet the freight tasks involved, and with our expandable tarpaulin mega fittings with special awnings, fastening tabs and 3.5m wide doors.These are equipped with a 12-tonne alu-ramp. In addition, there are two open tandem ramps and 7 car carriers for domestic vehicle transport. 

(Gábor will confirm the tgk numbers, because they change.) Our strength is the transportation of machines (wheeled and tracked machines, loaders, tractors, agricultural trailers) and weather-sensitive CNC machines in expandable tarpaulin covered trucks.



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