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G R O U P - Mafracht Ltd.

What we offer

  • Load planning

  • Efficient transport choices

  • Complete shipments from 1-24 tons

  • Cost-effective assembly of partial or bulk freight

  • Express shipments from 1-24 tons

  • Transport of hazardous and refrigerated (reefer) goods

  • Expert advice

  • Creating unique offers

  • Competitive rates for freight

  • Optimization

  • Flexible, customer-centred service

  • Innovation

Road transport

Our main profile is international freight forwarding and groupage freight, from which we have pretty much all the infrastructure, knowledge and experience necessary to operate a secure, fast and efficient shipping network. Our destination countries include all European states. Our 1.5-24 ton, load-spreading, state-of-the-art construction vehicle fleet, standard tarpaulin and box, refrigerator and Mega Trailers are at your disposal. We have guaranteed weekly shipments to and from most European countries, which significantly reduces shipment delivery time and makes them very predictable. In addition to classic door-to-door delivery, we also offer our Partners customized solutions. Tracking of our vehicles is ensured throughout all journeys. The whole of our fleet is equipped with GPS. Personalised access can also provided upon request.

Groupage shipping

For groupage (LCL) shipments, we provide storage for incoming goods at our own premises. We offer the option of warehousing arriving goods at our privately owned site to fully meet the logistics needs of our partners. We also have our own 3.5, 7.5 and 12 tonne vehicles at your disposal, which makes it easy to deliver the goods to our site. The average age of our vehicle fleet, which meets all the latest requirements, is less than 3 years old. Most of our vehicles are equipped with Euro 6, lane assist, predictive powertrain control and active brake assist. Our company, its freight forwarders and drivers, have more than 20 years of experience in taking our customers' products precisely and impeccably to the delivery point, on time. Our deliveries leave weekly and export departures leave every Friday, especially to France and the Netherlands. Return journeys import on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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