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Business transaction consultancy

Our transaction services support our clients in their mergers and acquisitions transactions during the planning and execution stages through our financial due diligence and related services (working out share purchase agreements, financial due diligence, closing due diligence work, assessment of legal-economic environments, etc.).

Our due diligence work can be extended to include economic and legal due diligence. We provide professional advice to our clients throughout the entire transaction process, from planning to closure, as well as inn handling post-transaction tasks. We also take on management of planning and transaction processes. We help our partners to understand the risks around the selected company, as well as the transaction process, highlighting those that support or perhaps even contraindicate the transaction.

We work alongside our clients in assessing the opportunities and value-adding features of transactions. We also assist our clients in developing appropriate accounting, financial and tax structures, as well as post-transaction and integration strategies.

We take into account the industry requirements of any given transaction when we put together a team of experienced professionals ensuring they have the experience of completing numerous similar transactions, and other staff with sufficient experience and knowledge of that branch of industry. Our company is at the disposal of our esteemed partners both on the buyer and the seller sides.

Mahartlog Invest Zrt.
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