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We represent international companies in Hungary

Our company specializes in the legal and financial representation of foreign companies in Hungary. In addition to having the necessary knowledge of languages, we also have many years of experience in representing domestic subsidiaries of foreign companies or foreign-owned Hungarian companies.In addition to the legal and operational support we offer management, we also help keep contact with the authorities, cooperate with HR managers on human resource issues, and actively assist in application processes. We are the ideal solution for any foreign company in all areas of their operation in Hungary. Our legal partner is Dr. M Tóth Balázs and his office.

Aspects of our legal services:

  • Establishment of subsidiaries, preparation of legal documents

  • Legal services in company management, everyday legal advice

  • Helping in the establishment of organizational structures

  • Harmonising pay structures with pay legislation 

  • We offer our experience of incentivisation, active support in the development and legal phrasing of incentive structures


We offer advice on specific legal matters, and can represent your company in any litigation

We can represent you in the purchase or leasing of business premises

We can represent you to the authorities, municipalities and government offices (appearances, permits and checks)

Mahartlog Invest Zrt.
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