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Tax advice

We provide comprehensive tax advisory services on both domestic and international taxation. KPMG is our company's professional partner. The state of the art expertise and extensive experience of our experts will ensure that you receive a really professional service, including on social security issues.

Our extensive experience in domestic and international cross-border transactions means we can help you in tax planning, both in Hungary and abroad.

As experts, we can help you to make the most of any favourable tax conditions (both for foreigners in Hungary and for Hungarians abroad), as well as in calculating your expected tax liability, in preparing tax returns, helping you formulate applicable contracts, and assisting in establishing companies and other administrative tasks (e.g. book-keeping).

The combination of our expert domestic and international tax staff, and the professional background of KPMG offers you effective help in avoiding any nasty surprises, as well as helping you in the areas of taxation and tax relief.

Mahartlog Invest Zrt.
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